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NIC Industries South Africa
3 Roger Street
Tel: 011 493 2239
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About Us

NIC Industries, South Africa was founded in 2010 after acquiring the agency rights for South Africa from NIC Industries .Inc USA. Our focus is to supply the South African market with the world famous NIC Industries .Inc products and to provide the highest quality application techniques and service for all coatings.

NIC South Africa's team of highly experienced coating applicators will strive to provide the most advanced coating technology to many Industries. By assessing the application needs of our clients and determining the correct coating for the job to ensure maximum performance gain.

In today's competitive world staying on the cutting edge of technology is essential in order to stay ahead of your competitors and to ensure the success of your product. With NIC Industries range of coatings, products can be re-engineered and enhanced to exceed their their limits and reach new levels of performance. The demanding arenas of motorsport, weapon development, mining, engineering and many others will all benefit greatly from these extreme performance coatings.

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